What is The WorldGrad?

The WorldGrad is an award winning education provider that has partnered with top ranked global universities to offer a personalised path to 1000+ degrees to students in India and regional markets. All our programs are developed such that your education starts online and finishes on-campus at your overseas dream destination.

What is the All American Undergraduate Program?

The All American Undergraduate Program has been developed in collaboration with Mount Saint Mary’s University and Tiffin University in the US, to give students the unprecedented flexibility in pursuing their American Undergraduate degree. Students can complete up to 30 Credits (Year 1 of their degree) in either a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) or non-STEM field and then progress to one of 4000+ universities in the US by transferring their Credits. Exclusive scholarships are available for students who continue their degree at one of our partner universities.

What is UniSmarter?

UniSmarter is an online program offered by The WorldGrad in partnership with a group of overseas institutions in Australia and the United Kingdom. Students opting for the UniSmarter program have the advantage to progress to any of the overseas partner institutions upon successful completion, giving them flexibility and optionality to choose their educational path.

What is the Global Online Accelerator Program?

The Global Online Accelerator (GOA) Program has been developed in collaboration with UOW College, Australia, which is a part of the University Wollongong (Global Top 200). Students can finish up to half of their 1st Year of their Undergraduate studies in Business or Technology and then progress to UOW College and UOW for the rest of the program. Students studying in UOW College’s online environment, will receive a transcript from the college upon completion.

Are The WorldGrad programs recognised by the Universities?

Yes, our programs are fully recognised by our partner institutions for entry into their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. All of our online programs are developed in collaboration with overseas partners and are taught by international faculty members. If you wish to learn more about our partner institutions, visit partnership

Can I go to the university directly without studying online?

Yes, we also offer the Direct Entry path or the traditional study abroad route, where you can pick your desired university and start on campus from day 1. We provide end-to-end support and counselling to help you select the best path to your dream study abroad destination.

How does The WorldGrad help me?

We help you by providing a customised educational path to over 1000 degrees with top global universities. With The WorldGrad you can start the way you want via direct, pathways or hybrid entry options. You also get to avail 1-1 tutoring support from our award winning education team to ensure you succeed in your overseas studies while saving money and time along the way. Additionally, we assist you in getting a student loan as well as student visa.

How is The WorldGrad different from other overseas education agencies?

The WorldGrad is an education provider first and foremost. Our award-winning educators have successfully delivered international education to 20,000+ students. We have co-developed study abroad programs with top global universities and deliver them on our platform to help you start your overseas journey on the best foot possible. Our programs lead to 1000+ degrees across top 1000 global universities.

Do I have to study online if I go through The WorldGrad?

Our multi-mode and flexible intake (monthly) options - Direct, Pathways, and Hybrid (Online + On-campus) gives you the freedom to choose your education on your own terms. You can choose the mode that suits the best for you, based on your academic needs and financial constraints.

Will I get an admission offer from an overseas institution as well?

Yes, if you have chosen one of our partner institutions, we will arrange for a packaged offer from the overseas institution based on the applicable admissions criteria. In most cases, you will have the flexibility to choose your destination institution later too. For more information, contact our admissions counsellor.

What will happen if my visa gets rejected?

Students who have passed The WorldGrad online programs are entitled to a full refund of their online program fee, if their study visa application is rejected for any reason other than fraudulent or unverifiable documentation. The terms of refund are specified in the offer letter, too. For more information, contact our admissions counsellors.

How do I apply for programs offered by The WorldGrad?

You can fill out the online application, post your consultation with our admissions counsellor. The information needed to fill the application is similar to what you will require to secure an offer from the overseas institution. The application requires information and academic documents that can be verified. The details mentioned on the application form typically includes - i. Passport copy ii. Recent photograph iii.Certificate and marksheet of your highest academic qualification iv. Proof of English proficiency *All document copies should be in English and need to be certified by an authorised officer, for example, a notary.

What are the fees and payment details?

Fees for the online programs are listed on the respective program page. Indicative fees for the on-campus component is also provided, however, it will depend on your actual term or year of enrolment at the overseas institution. Other details such as program start date, payment date, bank information, etc. are mentioned in depth in the offer letter once admission is confirmed. To confirm your admission in the online program, you need to pay a minimum fee of ₹25,000 within 7 days of receiving the offer letter.

How many modules do I have to complete with The WorldGrad?

Depending on the program you select, you will complete either modules for the 1st term or for the 1st year with The WorldGrad before progressing to the overseas university. Some of our partner institutions may have slightly different requirements. To pick the best suited online education path for yourself, contact our admissions counsellors.

Will the online study program with The WorldGrad affect my Post Study Work Rights?

Students who have successfully completed the online program as well as the rest of their Undergraduate Degree, will be eligible for Post Study Work RIghts as per the country’s regulations.

Does online learning mean that I need to study everything by myself?

Definitely not! All programs offered by The WorldGrad are developed keeping in mind first-time online learners. We provide only the best content offered by our overseas partner institutions for you to study. Additionally, experienced international tutors take weekly lectures and are supported by Indian teachers for personalised 1-on-1 support

How long is the online program?

Each study period is 7 weeks long and we recommend you take 2 modules per study period. With this, you can complete your entire online component within 15 weeks.

How many hours a week do I have to study?

You will be expected to study approximately 15 hours a week per module. This includes a combination of self learning, online classes and 1:1 tutoring. The WorldGrad offers you complete flexibility to plan your study load and timelines based on your academic needs.

Will I get a tutor to help me with my online studies?

We take pride in the rich academic support we provide to our students. We offer free, unlimited personalised 1-on-1 academic assistance to ensure your specific learning needs are addressed. All students have access to an India-based online facilitator for each subject, who is available for 1-on-1 sessions to discuss academic concepts, solve doubts, provide guidance on assignments, and more. Online facilitators are available 7 days a week over the phone, text, chat or email. Additionally, you are also assigned a student success advisor in case you have questions related to non-academic matters such as module planning, policy matters, progressing to overseas university or general well-being.